Guess what? We got pigs!

Guess what? We got pigs!

A little farm life update. We got pigs!

We decided to get them for a couple of reasons. Food, of course (since we rarely follow 100% kosher except our salt). We have adopted the idea of each animal having to serve a purpose. Food is a good one. We also want to make sure we are using our land fully and completely. An attempt at being a little more biodynamic.

We had a section of pasture that the prior owners used for goats and we were told that they even used that same area as a little teaching area for 4H which is cool. The one odd thing is that under the barn-like building there is layer after layer of poo and hay. Guess what happens when it stacks on itself over and over again? You guessed it, it turns to an immovable fortress. Makes sense why some of our ancestors build their homes in a similar way. My tractor could barely move it. Don't get me wrong, we want to get to that pile and turn it into compost. That will be "black gold" for future garden and growing, but for now it is sitting there useless.

Thus the pigs. One of nature's best rototillers.

We brought 3 in to hopefully accomplish that. Use those little stiff snouts to till up the area and make it beautiful, soft compost that we can scrape up with our tractor...and of course they will become delicious food.

Will keep you "posted."

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