Credit: Laird's

Jersey Cocktail

One of the great stories in all distillation history is when apples are fermented into cider and then distilled into whiskey (or bandy). Simple, delicious and intensely North American (if that matters). This favorite takes Applejack Whiskey, add our apple bitters and some simple syrup and topped with your favorite cider makes for a perfect later summer and early fall sipping beverage. I give you the Jersey Cocktail.

The Jersey Cocktail

1 ounce Laird's Applejack Whiskey (good bourbon in a pinch)
1/4 ounce simple syrup
2 dashes bitters (BST Apple Jack is best - Citrus also good)
Hard Cider
Lemon twist

Add all ingredients to cocktail shaker and stir until ice cold. Pour into an old fashioned glass with cracked ice (bash up some of your cubes). Fill with hard cider and then garnish with lemon twist.

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