New Product Alert! BBQ Rubs - Beef and Pork

New Product Alert! BBQ Rubs - Beef and Pork

It is finally here. After a few years of R&D and a stops at several of the top BBQ spots in our great nation, we have arrived at two rubs that will make your beef and pork (and chicken and lamb too) sing.

Made with organic ingredients where available, our simple and flavorful meat rubs will level up your BBQ, make your family proud and your neighbors happy.

And don't limit yourselves to just meat, add some of our rubs to stews, chilis, and even vegetables.  You won't be disappointed!

Stay tuned for some recipes that will highlight our handmade, small-batch BBQ rubs and elevate your BBQ game!


Michael Smith

How does one acquire the rubs you are selling?

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