The Boulevardier

The Boulevardier

The challenge is actually pretty simple. I DEFINITELY prefer whiskey to all other spirits but there is something about the Negroni that I love. Perhaps its the bitterness. Perhaps its the intensity. Perhaps its simply the gin.

Whatever the reason, I forgot that I had discovered a happy marriage between the two…The Boulevardier.

Simple history really. Someone probably wondered what a “bourbon” Negroni tasted like so the man subbed whiskey for the gin in a Negroni and came up with a name that history says matched the periodical he wrote for, The Boulevardier.

Classically (although not quite 100 years old) it is served over ice, in an old fashioned glass. I like mine in a chilled coupe-style glass.

The Boulevardier

1 part bourbon (rye OK too)
1 part Campari
1 part Sweet Vermouth

Mix in pint glass with lots of ice and stir for approx 90 seconds. Strain into coupe-style glass and serve with a lemon slice.

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