The Martinez

The Martinez

This little known cocktail has been making Gin lovers happy since well over a 100 years. Thought to be introduced about 20 years after the Civil War in the beautiful state of California, the Martinez is a niche beverage that combines some of the flavors we have come to expect from the Negroni (bitters, maraschino, Italian Vermouth, and Gin specifically) but simpler, more subtle, and because there is no Campari, a lot less intense.

Served in a coupe-style cocktail glass (smaller than a martini glass, and looks like a little bowl), at 3 ounces total, it is no wonder the humorist James Thurber once said, “One is alright, two is too many, and three is not enough.”

The Martinez

2 ounces Gin
.25 oz maraschino liqueur
.75 oz Italian sweet Vermouth
1 dash Bitters
twist of orange

Add a small handful of ice to a pint glass.

Add ingredients, minus orange, to the pint glass and stir vigorously for about 90 seconds.

Strain into chilled coupe style cocktail glass.

Garnish with a twist of orange.

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