Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour

I had made the Whiskey Sours only a few times and always loved them but felt that they were a little too much work honestly. I had remembered that I needed a bunch of egg yolks for something (probably a carbonara) and kept the whites frozen for future use like a good lad. So with a little foresight, I grabbed the whites earlier in the day and let them come back to life. I shook, I stirred, I tossed. I made a perfect looking and even better tasting, Whiskey Sour.

I think I made closer to 6 of them.

They were ALL delicious. Enjoy. Worth the effort.

Whiskey Sour

3/4 oz egg white
2 oz bourbon
1/2 oz lemon juice
1/4 oz simple syrup
1 dash bitters

Dry shake all of the ingredients together (count to 13), then add ice, and do it again. Serve in a chilled martini or coupe glass (preferred because it looks awesome but an old fashioned glass would work too).

You could add a cherry and slice of lemon for garnish too.

The egg white gives it a lovely cloud-like top.