Why are Eggs so Expensive Right now?

Why are Eggs so Expensive Right now?

Egg prices have been fluctuating over the past few years, and there are several reasons why eggs may currently be considered expensive. One of the main reasons is a shortage of egg-laying hens due to the avian influenza outbreak in the United States. This outbreak, which began in 2014, led to the culling of millions of hens and caused a significant reduction in the number of hens available to lay eggs. This shortage led to an increase in egg prices as supply could not meet the demand.

Another factor that can affect egg prices is feed costs. The cost of corn and soybeans, which are the main ingredients in chicken feed, (although that is not what feed our chickens at LJF - rather the larger farms) can fluctuate depending on weather conditions and global demand. When feed costs increase, farmers may need to raise the price of eggs to cover their expenses.

The demand for eggs has also increased in recent years as more people are looking for alternative protein sources. The growing popularity of plant-based alternatives has also led to an increased demand for eggs used in processed foods such as mayonnaise and baked goods.

Lastly, the pandemic has also affected the egg market. The closure of restaurants and schools, which are major consumers of eggs, led to a decrease in demand and an oversupply of eggs. This caused a significant drop in egg prices in early 2020. However, as the economy reopened, the demand for eggs increased again, leading to an increase in prices.

The current high prices of eggs can be attributed to a combination of factors such as increased transportation costs, sick birds, higher feed costs, and overall higher inflation.

Find a local farmer and ask them how they are raising their eggs and of course if they have some for sale!

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