Started out of a father-son conversation in December of 2017, the goal of making small-batch bitters began to take shape.

Blacksmith Bitters

Believe it or not we made 3 batches our first round. A “house” bitter that was supposed to be like Angostura (it wasn’t), a citrus (lacked some depth), and then something that gave me great hope, an apple. 

We got some apples from the farm we go to in Carnation, WA (organic, etc.) and I am not exactly sure what it was, but the flavor was the deepest, reddest (if that is possible) apple bitterness I have ever experienced. It is simply delightful and as I joke to anyone that will listen, something the founding fathers would have wanted. 

Our next three batches were different and something that we are certainly proud of. I made a deeper, more citrusy bitters round two, a coffee pecan that I made with bourbon and a friend of mine’s espresso roast and lastly, we made a batch of bitters that were a homage to our heritage. I made an “Irish House” bitters using my favorite Irish Whiskey, Tullamore Dew, and many different botanicals. I don’t think this is very common, but boy it was fun and has a very distinct taste, especially when mixed with soda by itself, or in an Old Fashioned.

Each of our 4 flavor profiles has unique herbs, spices, barks, and botanicals, all using organic ingredients when available.  If you click on each of the profiles, you will be able to see the tasting notes and list of ingredients in detail.

So if you like, give our little small-batch bitters a try and let us know how you like it?

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