Grass Fed vs Grass and Grain Finished

The calves that we butcher are raised until they are 18-24 months (American Wagyu 30-36 months) old and we do NOT finish with grain.  Many other cattle farmers finish their beef in the last 90-120 days on grain at feed lots. We do not, which means slightly leaner finished product but better for you according to most experts.  This produces meat that taste like the best steaks you get at the store, but you know these cows have not been given hormones, fed antibiotics, or harshly treated.

We sell portions of animals as small as a ¼ of a cow to customers from the farm. When purchased, these portions are picked up by the butcher at the farm, and he takes each customer’s meat back to the shop to age, cut and wrap, and then freeze per their instructions. When this is completed, the customer is called by the butcher to pick up the frozen, wrapped meat from the shop. In our online store, to simplify the process you pay one price that includes both the price for meat and the butcher fees for the slaughter, cutting, wrapping and freezing.

Every cow is different, but we try to raise animals up to about 1400 lbs. When these are cut and wrapped, the quarters generally end up with about 120 lbs, halves about 240 lbs, and whole carcasses net about 480 lbs of wrapped meat. When the butcher receives your portion, they will contact you to confirm how many servings to put into each package, how thick to cut the steaks, etc. With purchases of a quarter, you need to be flexible on these details since the half is cut in one way.