Beginner's Guide to Cast Iron - Sat, Nov 6th - CANCELED


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We are hosting a beginner's guide to cast iron with local cast iron expert, Mitch Myers of Zombie Iron. In this class you will learn how to clean, season, and maintain your beloved cast iron. Mitch will help you "appraise" pieces you have hung onto as he is an expert at brands, dates, and values. If you need a "deep clean" you can leave the pieces for him to fix. He will also be bringing many pieces to sell from his extensive collection. You can find him at area flea markets, antique shows, street fairs, all around the Puget Sound.

Mitch took a dozen or so pieces we had kept over the years, sorted them, told us what to get rid of and what to keep. Some were a huge mess and he cleaned them to almost new! We use cast iron EVERY DAY!

If you want to learn more about Zombie Iron and Mitch Myers' work, visit is active Facebook Page at

You will come out with skills, a book to take home, and the opportunity to "see what you got."

Class includes copy of this book: