Pork Share

7.25 lb
Beef from local farms are commonly sold whole, as sides, quarters or even in 1/8 sections.

We have predetermined a box share as a 1/8 share that we call the "CSA Box" here at Lake Joy Farmstead. This year (August 2021) we are offering the CSA Box ONLY!

The CSA Box cuts can include rib steaks (think rib eye or rib roast, cut into steaks), T-bones, Pot Roasts, Long Rib, Flank steak, Tri-Tip Top Round, and 12 pounds of burger. Price is $10 per pound for a total of $200.

All of our beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. NO GRAIN AT ALL!

Price is $10.00 per lb. and are 20 pound boxes. You are welcome to buy as many as you like!