Pork Shares

20.0 lb

We have run out of stock for this item.

Registered Old Spot Gloucestershire, a British heritage breed, deposits for 2023 are now officially closed!  Reserve 1/4 or 1/2 or a whole pork share NOW and be ready for the holidays. Think of your Christmas ham!  We will be butchering late November and pork will be ready before Christmas. 

A sample share example looks like this. If 1/2 pig, about 90-140lb of meat including:
Pork Belly - for bacon (contact us if want us to do it)
2 hams, uncured
2 hocks, uncured
8-10 chops,
10-20 lb ground pork,
1 tenderloin,
1 loin roast,
2 shoulder roasts,
1 roll back fat, for sausage making or lard
bones and half a head (optional - for stock making
1 jowl - for guanciale, uncured

Options: we can render lard for you, cure belly for bacon, hams, hocks and even make guanciale at an additional cost.

Bacon, hams, and hocks are hand-cured in the traditional way, solely with salt and sugar, and then they are alder smoked with real smokey smoke (not flavoring).  The unique flavor of our farmhouse bacon, hams, and hocks speaks for itself.
We feed them freshly milled, non-GMO, soy-free feed from Washington State, and sweet, nutritious whey that is leftover from our cheesemaking. We also provide them with lots of "free range" to root and run.

We are currently SOLD OUT of our reservations for late November 2023 harvest.

How to Get One

  1. Acquire here or EMAIL us to reserve a share at irishmikesmith@gmail.com.
  2. Pay a non-refundable deposit to confirm share.  (Beginning in 2024 we will add a second deposit - it splits up total payments plus covers cost of feed in late summer for final feed costs. You will also be able to pay all at once).
  3. We’ll email you for pickup confirmation.  (You must pick up share, WE DO NOT SHIP).
  4. Pay the balance when you pickup your share.


Each share is $9.25/lb hanging weight. The price includes the harvest, butchering, and cutting. There are absolutely no extra costs unless YOU decide you want some cured (bellies, hams, hocks, jowls).

Deposit now. Balance due at pick up. Don't worry, you will have a say in what cuts you will get. Think of the bacon, and chops and breakfast sausage for not only the holidays but throughout the winter and into the next year!

This year's bonus includes our famous Pork Rub with your share!